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Skyharbor City: 3D Victorian Era - Steampunk Fantasy STL

3D printable Steampunk Fantasy and Victorian Era Terrain STLs now live on Kickstarter

Late Pledge Open

The Artist's Workshop: - FDNY Hook & Ladder 8

The first model in the artist's workshop is a highly detailed architectural model of the famous New York City firehouse used for the exterior shots in the 1984 film, Ghostbusters. The interior was designed to be similar to the Los Angeles filming location.

Available Now!

Architectural models & custom STL design

We offer highly detailed, scale architectural models and custom STL designs for all types of 3D printers.

If you are looking for a unique piece for your tabletop, a scale model of your home, or even a historical architectural model needed for a museum display piece, Archangel Design offers custom miniatures, sculptures and scale models to suit any need. In addition, we offer our own original product designs.

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3D Printable Models for Tabletop Games

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Forsaken Lands: 3D Printable Fantasy Terrain

Midnight City: Urban and Cyberpunk Terrain Collection

Belmont Hills Shopping Mall Terrain

Get the entire 60 plus piece Kickstarter Terrain Set for the Forsaken Lands collection today!

With successful funding via Kickstarter, you can buy the complete set of Forsaken Lands models with all of the stretch goals sets included for $58! Includes the entire cave system, Cursed Tower, Forsaken Temple, Lost Library, Chaos Keep and more! Check out some of the pieces in this set below!

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Our First Kickstarter Project: A 3D Printable 1980s Shopping Mall for Zombie Wargaming

Archangel Design 3D Products

Contact us at ArchangelDesign3D@gmail.com for a free quote today!

Note: We are not affiliated with Games Workshop or any other tabletop gaming company. All designs are original, individually sculpted pieces made for hobbyists by the artist. Miniatures depicted in product photos are used only to demonstrate scale and gameplay options.