About Archangel Design

Archangel Design provides a full range of 3D design and prototyping services. With nearly a decade of combined experience in architectural drafting and scale model building, Archangel Design offers precise, highly detailed architectural models and more!

Contact us today at ArchangelDesign3D@gmail.com for more information. 

Our Mission

To deliver high quality 3D models and prototypes for any need, whether it be a professional architectural development project or custom miniatures for a game of Dungeons & Dragons, we strive to bring your vision to reality. 

About The Artist 

Michael A. Kuhne

My experience includes working as an environmental science journalist, graphic designer, and Architectural and Civil drafter. I have worked for newspapers, magazines, websites and with engineering companies. I have more than a decade in experience building scale models, and hand painting miniatures. Other skills include mechanical, electrical and plumbing design and blueprint creation with training in AutoCAD, Revit and Civil 3D.  I am also adept in Autodesk Maya, 3DS max, and ZBrush to create STLs. However, my favorite software to work in is Blender because it is open source and has a wide range of capabilities. Archangel Design is the result of my ongoing passion to push my capabilities as an artist using 3D printing technology. I strive my best to bring exceptional detail and quality to each piece.

The Artist's Portfolio 

Check out my ArtStation Account for other works.