Artist's Workshop - FDNY Hook & Ladder 8

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As many side projects of mine never make it out for a public release, I have decided to try something new by making this one available on the website. The first model is a highly detailed architectural model of the famous New York City firehouse used for the exterior shots in the 1984 film, Ghostbusters. The interior was designed to be similar to the Los Angeles filming location.

Sizes of each part do not exceed 230 mm.  For smaller print beds like the Ender 3's 220 mm bed, scale everything down to 95 percent. 
Plane Cut in Meshmixer could also be used to cut and size the larger parts. 

STL file pack includes:

  • Full 28 mm scale FDNY 8 Architectural Model - 9 Parts + 3 for roof topper
  • Main Garage Door 
  • 3 Sets of Interior Walls
  • 2 Office Desks
  • 2 Filing Cabinets 
  • 1 Panel Office Area
  • Support Columns
  • 2 sets of Lockers
  • Second Floor Stairway Railing
  • Fire pole and Fire pole topper (Hard to Print on FDM Printers)
  • Staircase (Hard to print on FDM at scale, but it is possible) 
  • BONUS URBAN TERRAIN PACK from Midnight City set - includes arcade cabinet, wooden pallet, dumpsters, trash can, street light, news stand and more. 


 NOTE: Floors are extremely thin to speed up print time and reduce material. As a hobby project, modeling glue is needed to join parts as there is no locking system in place.

Some interior pieces might be challenging for certain FDM printers as noted. Everything is single shell, greenlit in Meshmixer and Netfabb and has been test printed.

Even with some rough edges, this is one of the most exciting models I have made to date, and I am excited to share it with you! Please let me know if you have any questions by dropping me a line at 


This architectural model design is not affiliated with Sony pictures or Ghostbusters in any way. All Ghostbusters related pieces depicted in the photographs are simply used for scale or to showcase the finished work of art. The vehicle in the photographs is a JADA Hollywood Rides 1:32 scale model used only for size comparisons. All copyrights belong to Sony and the related parties and manufacturers.

The 28 mm miniature used in photographs was used only to demonstrate scale and its manufacturer is not affiliated with the project or Archangel Design in any way.